The Many Worlds of Jaki Byard

There was only one Jaki Byard—he was a jazz pianist without peer. No one else combined elements from so many different genres of jazz piano and yet came up with a unique, immediately identifiable style of his own. In this episode we take a look at one of jazz’s complete virtuosos, a man who was always full of enthusiasm, propulsive rhythm, beauty and deep swing.


“Shiny Stockings” Jaki Byard
“Bugle Call Rag” Jaki Byard
“Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?” Jaki Byard
“Peggy’s Blue Skylight” Jaki Byard
“Seasons” Jaki Byard
“There Are Many Worlds” Jaki Byard
“Orange Was the Color of Her Dress” Jaki Byard with Charles Mingus
“So Long Eric” Jaki Byard with Charles Mingus
“Diane’s Melody” Jaki Byard with Charlie Mariano
“Chandra” Jaki Byard with Charlie Mariano
“Mrs. Parker of K.C.” Jaki Byard with Eric Dolphy and Booker Little
“Ode to Charlie Parker” Jaki Byard with Eric Dolphy and Booker Little
“A Tribute to Jimmy Slyde” Jaki Byard
“The Falling Rains of Life” Jaki Byard
“King David” Jaki Byard with Joe Farrell
“Aluminum Baby” Jaki Byard with Rahsaan Roland Kirk
“Garnerin’ a Bit” Jaki Byard
“Tribute to the Ticklers” Jaki Byard
“Goin’ Home Blues” Jaki Byard

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Published August 1st, 2019 by Bob Hecht

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