Theodore “Fats” Navarro is considered by many to be the greatest of the bebop trumpeters, famous for his full sound, inventive ideas and remarkable execution. In this episode I am joined by trumpeter and educator Al Hood, as we hear many of Fats’ greatest solos and discuss his place in the jazz pantheon.


“Our Delight” Fats Navarro solo
“Infatuation” Fats Navarro
“Casbah” (“Out of Nowhere”) Fats Navarro
“Struttin’ with Some Barbecue” Louis Armstrong
“Let Me Off Uptown” Roy Eldridge
“Shaw’Nuff” Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker
“A Bebop Carol” Fats Navarro with Tadd Dameron
“Tell Me Pretty Baby” Fats Navarro with Bill Eckstine Band
“Good Bait” Fats Navarro with Tadd Dameron
“Yardbird Suite” Fats Navarro
“Move” Fats Navarro
“Fats’ Flats” Fats Navarro with Lennie Tristano
“Double Talk” Fats Navarro, Howard McGhee
“A Night in Tunisia” Fats Navarro
“A Night in Tunisia” Clifford Brown
“I Remember Clifford” Al Hood
“Ornithology” Clifford Brown practicing
“Jahbero” (All the Things You Are”) Fats Navarro
“All the Things You Are” Clifford Brown
“Anthropology” Fats Navarro
“Everything’s Cool” Fats Navarro
“Ladybird” Fats Navarro with Tadd Dameron
“Nostalgia” Fats Navarro
“High on an Open Mic” Fats Navarro
“The Tadd Walk” Fats Navarro with Tadd Dameron
“Ornithology” Charlie Parker and Fats Navarro
“The Things We Did Last Summer” Fats Navarro

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Published June 16th, 2020 by Bob Hecht

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