More Harlem Stride!

It’s rare to be able to hear about the Harlem Stride greats from someone who knew several of them personally, but that’s exactly what Stride jazz pianist Mike Lipskin gives us in part two of his conversation with Bob Hecht as together they delve more deeply into one of the most dynamic and virtuosic styles of piano jazz.


“Riffs” James P. Johnson
“Backwater Blues” Bessie Smith & James P. Johnson
“My Handyman” Ethel Waters & James P. Johnson
“If Dreams Come True” James P. Johnson
“Snowy Morning Blues” Mike Lipskin
“Nothin'” Luckey Roberts
“Pilgrim’s Chorus” Donald Lambert
“Tea for Two” Donald Lambert
“Echo of Spring” Willie ‘the Lion’ Smith
“Sneakaway” Willie ‘the Lion’ Smith
“Just You, Just Me” Mike Lipskin & Dick Hyman

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Published May 20th, 2019 by Bob Hecht

One thought on “More Harlem Stride!”

  1. 2 takes of If Dreams Come True were made. This is the originally issued take. I heard the then un-issued alternate on a tape given to me by Mike in 1981. It was not listed in the extant jazz discographies, so when I mentioned that I had this to a the late jazz pianists Brooks Kerr, he put me in touch with record producers / discographers Jerry Valburn and Bob Hilbert. Valburn issued the alternate If Dreams Come True on his Merrit label. The first CD and only other issue of this was on the recent Mosaic James P. Collection. Donald Lambert is arguably the purist of the first generation stride pianists, as he was illiterate, and seemed to do little else besides drink and play the piano. A speicalty fo his was striding the classics. He avoided the limelight , and spent nearly his entire professional life at Wallace’s Hill Tavern in Orange, NJ. Bob Hilbert sent me the contents of a still un-issued Lambert 10 ” Circle LP, in appreciation for sharing If Dreams Come True. An example of a good deed that went unpunished

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