Harlem Stride!

Harlem Stride was one of the most vibrant and sophisticated piano styles in the history of jazz—it was the greatest musical creation of the period known as the Harlem Renaissance beginning in the 1920’s. In this episode, Bob Hecht’s guest is the noted Stride pianist Mike Lipskin, who talks about his early personal experiences with some of the Stride greats and shares his deep knowledge of this unique genre.


“John Arthur” Jaki Byard
“Handful of Keys” Fats Waller
“Sunflower Slow Drag” Scott Joplin
“Pork & Beans” Willie ‘the Lion’ Smith
“Jubilee Stomp” Duke Ellington
“Prince of Wales” Count Basie
“Get Happy” Art Tatum
“Thelonious” Thelonious Monk
“Lady Madonna” Mike Lipskin
“Mister Christopher Columbus” Fats Waller
“Contrary Motion” Willie ‘the Lion’ Smith
“African Ripples” Mike Lipskin
“Carolina Shout” James P. Johnson
“Jeepers Creepers” Mike Lipskin

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Published May 8th, 2019 by Bob Hecht

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