Welcome to The Joys of Jazz

There are threads that run through each of our lives…

If we are lucky, some of these threads might endure through the years, perhaps even becoming so strong and rich as to give one’s life a sense of purpose and direction.

Jazz has been the longest such thread in my life, dating back many decades to a day at the age of ten when I was seduced—into what would become a lifelong love affair—by the clarion call of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet. Since that magical day, the music has sustained me, given my life continuity while adding immeasurable depth and joy, and has continued to provide the grist for limitless exploration and learning. Without ever becoming a musician or musicologist, I have nonetheless absorbed a good deal of the history, lore, sounds and soul of the music. Jazz is in the fiber of my being.

For me, the joys of jazz include the pleasure of opening my ears, heart and mind to the creative and expressive sounds of the great soloists, composers and arrangers… of feeling the deep pulse of the music, of tapping my foot, bobbing my head, moving my body… and of being fully in the present moment while simply letting the music wash over me.

In sharing my jazz journey through my podcasts and articles, I hope that you, as listener and reader, may also share some of the incredible joys this music offers.

—Bob Hecht

Keep on listening & tapping your feet.

—Count Basie

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